SEO Tips to Increase Website Traffic

Every business owner should know a few simple SEO tips that they can use to increase their search engine ranking. Often business people hire an (overpriced) consultant.

Search engine optimization is important for any person those want to increase their ranking with the search engines. So it is very important for everyone to know a basic understanding of how SEO works and why.

Let’s have a look at a few basic SEO techniques that we can implement our self that should improve both our search engine ranking and our budget

Extensive keyword research

Keyword research is the very first step of SEO. In order to increase the ranking of your website in different search engines, you must do good keyword research. To do a good keyword research, some tools like Google Keyword Tool, Semrush&Google suggestions should be used. Google keyword research tools will give you the exact number of searches of certain keywords.

Choose A Domain Name

For setting an online business it is really a critical step. The selected name shouldreflect what the site or business is about. As the specificity of domain name increases the chances of getting your site indexed increases. Also it is a good practice to keep your domain as short as possible.

Selecting A Title Tag

This is the first thing a search engine will see. It is advised to use your most important keywords located in the title tag to increase the relevancy between the site and title.

Article & Blog Submission

Writing articles and press release is very effective method. This is the most important SEO ranking factor. These press releases should be submitted in major press release and article submission sites. So that your website gets crawled by the search engine which increases the natural ranking of the website. Proper use of anchor text is also important so that users can navigate through your site.

Original and optimized content

Content writing is one of the important factors of SEO. There must be proper use of keywords. A right balance of keywords is required for optimization. We should use keywords in headings, titles and description for better SEO.Paying attention to the content of your site and how you use your keywords will definitely enhance your standings in any search engine rankings.

Website optimization

Only the HTML part of the webpage is read by the search engine crawler. So it must be optimized properly. We should use ALT tags because crawler can’t understand images.

  • Be certain that each page on your website has a title on it and title should contain keyword specific to your website.
  • Always use this same keyword should also be used within the heading on your page.
  • Use this same keyword at least once in the opening paragraph of your content and again in the closing paragraph.
  • Broken links should not be there in your website.

Monitor Your Keyword Density

The keywords you select should be related to the content of your site. Your choice of keywords should be such there should be adirect relationship between these words and your sites intent. It is first and foremost part of word press SEO tips.

You should also remember frequency of keywords. Overuse could get your penalized by the search engines by lowering your search engine rankings. If the need to frequently use some words due to their need, you should use synonyms instead of keywords. A keyword density of between 2 and 5 percent is a suggestion margin you should use. Where to buy Best Seo & Traffic plan

Incoming Links

Links that come from external sites show that how popular, relevantyour site is. The more links you have is good for your site. This usually results in a higher ranking for your site. When leaving a link back to your site, use keywords from your site in the anchor text.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking your website into several bookmarking websites will also improve traffic on your website.

User-Friendly Website

We should make our website presentable and user-friendly. The pages of your website should load quickly and appearance should also be appealing. So that maximum number of users can spend time on your site. This will surely help to increase website traffic on your website.

Forum Posting

Find a few forums related to the same topic of your website. This will result all kinds of forums on your topic of interest. Place your website link within your signature tag.

Google maps

Google Maps is a great tool to use to increase traffic to your website. If you provide products or services having a Map listing is a must. This form of marketing is free but you still need to be careful in creating google map that it is completely filled or not.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus are some really great social media tools that can really increase the traffic to your website. The problem with social media is, it takes time to get the traffic to flow, but it is very fruitful. This is a free source of advertising.

Blog Commenting

It is very interactive form of increasing traffic to your website. When making your comments remember that you are adding something valuable as often these will be checked by the website owner before appearing on the site. Only after the approval these will be visible on the site.

Link Building 

Link Building has been and probably always will be a great way to get targeted traffic to your sites. Through link building we will get both traffic and also obtain a link back to your site. Only quality content should be submitted that encourages the reader to visit your site. These are just a few of the very simple, effective SEO tips & tricks to increase traffic to your website. Using these consistently will certainly increase the amount of traffic to your website.

SEO Tips to Increase Website Traffic

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